Monday, 23 July 2012

ZING - Delivery the other day - sooooooooooooooo excited

So i have done a lot of research lately regarding a new cutter to buy.  Ever since the Zing came out, i have been eyeing it off.  I have read many good reviews.  Especially from the following websites which helped me to choose my 14" Zing: and - this is my local seller - Ian at BlueEdgeCrafts.  Prompt delivery I ordered on a Wednesday and received Friday morning. 

So i have done a review and posed it on Underacherrytree -

I got the zing delivered just the other day.... I have an E-Craft which was a learning curve as it was my first cutter, and it was a good first cutter but it had a few problems which i could never fix. I love MTC, i don't know where i would be without it... so useful. The Zing, i spent a while reading the online manual and following it step by step. This machine is great, i am using it 100% and i'm soooooooooooooo happy with the intricut cuts and all the detail. I had terrible trouble with doing in particular little cuts and even letters or numbers. This machine does it with ease and it cuts them all sooooooooooo fast. The laser is the best, it also aligns everything perfectly. So favour boxes and any cuts can be made at the 12x12 page size. I'm going to get a bigger cutting matt and more of the blade holders and embossing and engraving and all the other accessories available. I'm in paper cutting heaven.... I recommend this cutter.

So i will post pictures of my work soon!

Bye for now.