Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Miss Pinky's Craft Room!!!!!!!!!! Yeah sooooooooooooooo exciting!!!!!!!!!

Sorry to my blogger friends!!!!!!!!  So yes, been a while since I have blogged.  

VERY EXCITING NEWS, I've been soooooooooooo lucky to dedicate a area in our house to my hobby, Crafting!!!!!!!!!!!! 
But yes I may add i've been busy setting up my craft area.  I will post pictures too very soon!!!!!!!

On this topic, I started to research ideas, for easy ideas of storing my cardstock/paper.  I did a lot of research on google for information on storage for 12x12 Card stock.  When I searched high and low, I found the Vertical 12x12 Paper Holders made by Cropper Hopper.    I was delighted when I found these at my local Craft store - Camelots Studio.  I got home and I started sorting out my cardstock into my storage holders.  I didn't even realise I had that much Cardstock and Paper, that I even had to go back to Camelots to get another few holders the next day!!!!!!!  His comment was weren't you here yesterday.  I said yes, didn't realise i had as much cardstock/paper as i actually did.  Funny when you don't have proper storage for something you seem to hoarde more, or buy more of what you originally had already, but because it was hidden, couldn't see it. Many of the things I had thought about when choosing this paper storage.  Also space, this seemed to be the most space efficient way for me.  The picture was stolen from Google, temporarily, i will post my picture of my crafting room with my 12x12 cropper hopper storage holders soon!  Please keep a look out for an update of this topic!!!!!

Cropper Hopper's are a great product, I read many reviews.  100% happy with the product so far. 

Also from Officeworks i purchased the perfect little tray holders for all my crafting tools and materials ie. Scissors, Adhesives and Glues, Ribbons, Stamps, and all my other bits n pieces.  

12 Drawer Chrome Trolley- Multi Colour Brights for a bargain price of 59.98!!!!! was good for me!

Got my table from my local Bunnings store, they had really good quality fold out tables, so yes got a 6ft table for a bargain too.

I also got a chair matt so the wooden floors and carpets wouldn't get damaged.  Also a bin, for my rubbish.  But no need for those pictures.....

So yes, when we got my my items home, we put these together and was VVVEEEEEEEEEEEEERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRYYYYYYYYYYY impressed of how my craft room was looking already!  So ready to craft, having my tools and materials right besides me was a bonus and proving to be the greatest area ever!!!!!!!!!! My little home away from home, I tried to set up my craft room in my room, but it didn't work out......... except that my room is on the small side!!!!!!

But yes i will post photos of Miss Pinky's craft area soon!!!!!!!!!  

Thanks for stopping by and reading my blog, till next time, bye for now!!!!!!!