Tuesday, 14 August 2012

C R E A T I N G - I've been very busy!!!!!!!! Photos to be published soon!!!!!!

So yeah, your probably been wondering what I have been creating! I have been working from a few cartridges of late ie. Doodlecharms, Sweet Treats, and a couple of others, I can't remember which ones! lol :P  But yes I <3 all my Cricut lovely Cartridges!!!!!!!!
********** Don't worry I haven't given up on this blog thing yet..... :) *lol*  I've been told it takes time to get followers, so yes i will keep going and try to post more often!

I also purchased some new materials to use for my boxes!!!!!!  As I had seen some great YouTube videos of people using Acetate so yes went to OfficeWorks and purchased some Transparency Clear Sheets, found with the binding materials and machines, also got some frosted looking ones too!  Bargain as i bought 100 A4 Sheets of each for about $40 each or something, but yeah 200 sheets, these will last me a long time or make a lot of boxes! 
So yes of course i'm soooooooo happy!!!!!!

Creating and Making
I've had extra time to create and make as work is slow which is sad, so I keep myself occupied by crafting and making!!!!!!!!!  In the last week, I have made some Pillow Boxes, boxes which look great, I have not finished embellishing these yet, but once done i will post some photos!!!!!!!!  I have also made some Christmas cards, using one of the xmas Cricut cartridges!!!!!!! Bet your excited to see them!!!!!! I am!!!!!!!!!
I <3 my crafting!

About my Cutting Matts
Also I've had some problems with my cutting matts, as my first machine being an E-Craft, i used stabalisers but these were paper under the sheet.  Now using Cricut and my Zing with Cutting Matts i'm struggling figuring out what is the best product to use to make the matt sticky again.  At the moment, i'm using a couple of different adhesive craft sprays, which don't seem to be doing the job really well, as I have to keep re-doing it.  
Has anyone got any tips or ideas, as to the best products and ways to make it fabulous again and less annoying!!!!!!  I seem to be getting a lot of down time as i'm having to re-spray and clean my matts.

As I actually ruined my Zing Matt, and it is not usuable any more....I am trying the Fiskars Cutting Matts, they are much thicker than the other matts I have used, I have not had any problems yet, except they are 12x12 only so not as big as my Zing matt, will maybe re-order another Zing replacement matt soon!

If you have stopped by my blog, i'm appreciate the support, please leave some comments!!!!!!!

Thanks in advance,

Bye for now!!!!!!!   Will post photos soon!!!!!!!!!