Sunday, 12 May 2013

Iggle piggle kids party invitation

I recently had a request from one of my best friends to make a party invitation for ger little boy who loves iggle piggle!!! So I searched for an svg and I coukdnt find one so I made my own from a black and white picture from which I created a svg using the trace function!!!
So yes I have made this project today and I may say hes very cute!!! Although im quite fussy so I like to get things right...
So ur waiting to see the photos arent u!!!! Hehehe

So yes I know have to work out where snd how to attach the invitation details..... hehe ive prob made him tooo big....


So yes I will be catching up with my friend this week so I cant wait to hear what she thinks!!!! Hope she loves him too!!! Xox

Hope u enjoy reading my blog, feel free to leave comments or ask questions!!!