Wednesday, 11 December 2013

My Crafting - Where It All Began, What I Use and What I Can Do

So yes, where it all began.  I have posted many projects that I have done but i haven't really given any other details.  So here is the long awaited explanation......

I began my crafting and my obsessive compulsive addictive hobby with an electronic cutter by looking on YouTube.  I came across a video of a user using an electronic cutter machine called a Ecraft (of course it was pink)  so that was part of my decision.

The lady was making this lovely butterfly card with layers in  different colour papers or cardstock.  It looked fantastic. I thought, I wish I could make wonderful special cards for family and friends for birthdays, mothers day, fathers day, christmas, easter, presents, boxes.  The projects are endless!! :)

Check this YouTube video from the link below:

oooooooohhhhhhhhhhh amazzzzzzziiiiiinnnnnnnnng!  I know!!! :)

As I was new to all this and I didn't know what to expect...... I did more research.  I didn't want to buy a product that would then not be used or not do what I wanted to do with it.

I decided to buy an ecraft as I had become really interested and amazed that a machine could do this... amazing.... :)   I found an online store  and I put in an order... In a couple of days I received my purchase. 

It look me a little while to learn how it worked and what it could do.

But my wish became reality!  I was making and doing projects!!!!!!!
I created many cards and many other items using this and it was a great machine and it didn't take me long to learn how to use it and it's functionality.  

Then about a year ago I did some more research and found that there was a new machine called the Zing by Knk (stands for Klick n Kut).  So I visited and bought my second electronic cutter.

This is a great machine in which I am still using for all my projects today... The zing is a perfect upgrade and more advanced but yet easy to use.
The software I use on my computer for my ecraft and knk zing is mainly MTC (Make the cut). Although I have a few others like sure cuts a lot (Scut), epro (ecraft prog).  

Make The Cut (MTC) can be purchased online from this link:

Sure Cuts A Lot (SCUT) can be purchased online from this link:

I find a lot of my svg files of the Internet.  
The Ecraft was a machine that used cards with files on the SD Card, in which it would display the pictures on the screen on the Ecraft.  Then you could also cut anything that you found on the internet as well.  
The Zing doesn't use a card system, this uses svg files that can be put into any chosen software on your computer.

More information on the Zing is available from these links:
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Check out the YouTube Videos of the Zing in action:
SkatKatzAustralia -