Wednesday, 11 December 2013

My Crafting - Where It All Began, What I Use and What I Can Do

So yes, where it all began.  I have posted many projects that I have done but i haven't really given any other details.  So here is the long awaited explanation......

I began my crafting and my obsessive compulsive addictive hobby with an electronic cutter by looking on YouTube.  I came across a video of a user using an electronic cutter machine called a Ecraft (of course it was pink)  so that was part of my decision.

The lady was making this lovely butterfly card with layers in  different colour papers or cardstock.  It looked fantastic. I thought, I wish I could make wonderful special cards for family and friends for birthdays, mothers day, fathers day, christmas, easter, presents, boxes.  The projects are endless!! :)

Check this YouTube video from the link below:

oooooooohhhhhhhhhhh amazzzzzzziiiiiinnnnnnnnng!  I know!!! :)

As I was new to all this and I didn't know what to expect...... I did more research.  I didn't want to buy a product that would then not be used or not do what I wanted to do with it.

I decided to buy an ecraft as I had become really interested and amazed that a machine could do this... amazing.... :)   I found an online store  and I put in an order... In a couple of days I received my purchase. 

It look me a little while to learn how it worked and what it could do.

But my wish became reality!  I was making and doing projects!!!!!!!
I created many cards and many other items using this and it was a great machine and it didn't take me long to learn how to use it and it's functionality.  

Then about a year ago I did some more research and found that there was a new machine called the Zing by Knk (stands for Klick n Kut).  So I visited and bought my second electronic cutter.

This is a great machine in which I am still using for all my projects today... The zing is a perfect upgrade and more advanced but yet easy to use.
The software I use on my computer for my ecraft and knk zing is mainly MTC (Make the cut). Although I have a few others like sure cuts a lot (Scut), epro (ecraft prog).  

Make The Cut (MTC) can be purchased online from this link:

Sure Cuts A Lot (SCUT) can be purchased online from this link:

I find a lot of my svg files of the Internet.  
The Ecraft was a machine that used cards with files on the SD Card, in which it would display the pictures on the screen on the Ecraft.  Then you could also cut anything that you found on the internet as well.  
The Zing doesn't use a card system, this uses svg files that can be put into any chosen software on your computer.

More information on the Zing is available from these links:
Digital Die Cutting with Sandy McCauley -
SkatzKatzAustralia -
Under a Cherry Tree - 

Check out the YouTube Videos of the Zing in action:
SkatKatzAustralia - 

Sunday, 12 May 2013


Yeah my lovely fiance bought me 20 more new copics coz of my crazy obsession/addiction!!!! ♡♡♡♥♥♥
Love my copics!!!!!

My new obsession is the greeting farm stamps and copics!!!

Cute and sweet

I love these greeting farm stamps from the greeting farm!!! I am addicted these are the cutest stamps ever!!!

Copic colouring is very new to me so I have been stalking utube channels to get tips of how to colour and this has helped me!!!

I will create cards with these!!! Once these are ready I will post!!!!

Thanks to all who share their information!!!!

So yes have a look and leave me comments!!!

Iggle piggle kids party invitation

I recently had a request from one of my best friends to make a party invitation for ger little boy who loves iggle piggle!!! So I searched for an svg and I coukdnt find one so I made my own from a black and white picture from which I created a svg using the trace function!!!
So yes I have made this project today and I may say hes very cute!!! Although im quite fussy so I like to get things right...
So ur waiting to see the photos arent u!!!! Hehehe

So yes I know have to work out where snd how to attach the invitation details..... hehe ive prob made him tooo big....


So yes I will be catching up with my friend this week so I cant wait to hear what she thinks!!!! Hope she loves him too!!! Xox

Hope u enjoy reading my blog, feel free to leave comments or ask questions!!!

Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Sooooo I have not posted for a while - easter pressies

So sorry all. I have still not kept my promise of posting more blogs.....

Heres one now...

So for easter the night before I put my crafty pants and I started decorating the pressies.....

So yes love the way the paper bows came out!!!  Love the bunnies they are sooooo super cute!!!! Especially the one with teeth marks out of the choco bunny!!!!! Lol!!!!

Thanks for the support, I will post again sooon!!!!

Monday, 18 March 2013

Word college framed prints

Baby and cute girl word college framed prints!!!!! Great personal gifts for family and friends!!!!

I will aim on getting my homemade items I make out in the public so people can buy them!!!! Ill update with details soon!!!

Hope u love them coz I think they are supercute!!!! I will post some boy items soon!!!!   Blues and greens for boys!

Thanks for the support

Birthday card from wild card cricut cartridge

This is a cute birthday card with matching envelopes

What u think??

Yes go on leave me a comment I dont bite!!!! Lol

Hoot owl card from wild card cricut cartridge

So yes this is the cute owl card from wild card cartridge.   I did the card and then thought it was missing something and when I realised I screamed googly eyes!!!! My fiance said yep googly eyes!!!! So yep very happy with these cards!!!

Baby shower invitations or congratulations for new baby cards

These are diaper clips!!!! I thought these would be super cute to use as baby shower invitations or congratulations cards for a new baby boy or girl!!!!

Now these are super cute from cricut cartridge called wild cards!!!! Now this cartridge is also another of my favourites!!!! Its got a lot of quick ready to make projects!!!!

Thanks for reading my blog, hope i keep it interesting for my readers!!!

Dont forget to leave me comments!!!


More pretty flowers --- these are from flowershoppe cricut cartridge

These are my fabulous flowers made from the cricut cartridge called flowershoppe!!!   Arent they gorgeous!!!! I think they are!!! If u dont have this cartridge I recommend buying it coz its one of my ultimate favourites!!!

They look really complicated but just check out utube for some lovely videos:showing u how to best use the cartridge!!! One of my favourite channels is robyn from my pink stamper!!! She cracks me up!!!!  Shes fun and super crazy!!!

Ive been thinking maybe I should do some videos on utube!!! I will see and make a final decision...

If u are stopping by my blog, please leave comments as I love to know who is following me!!!   It makes me happy!!!! :)


Lotso bear from Toy Story

•••°°°○○●•••○°○●●•••○●●●●  so yes bet u have been wondering where i am and where i have been hiding!!!!  ••○○••••○°•●●●○○●°••○•°°°●○•••

So yes ive been busy working and havent been posting much... but i promise im back and will post more very shortly!!!!

So number 1 project is:

Here is a cute pink bear!!! This pink bear is from Toy Story cricut cartridge.  I have been thinking of doing this bear for ages and finally done!!!! Finished product very cute!!!!

Im sure the kids will love him too!!!  Let me know what u think.... thanks for stopping by.... ♡♡♡♥♥♥

Sunday, 2 September 2012

Pink and Purple Boxes - made using the Cricut Sweet Tooth Cartridge

I created these cute boxes using the Cricut Sweet Tooth Cartridge. These boxes could be used for gift favor boxes, or putting a gift in for a friends birthday or a gift card holder box.  They are cute!!!!!!!!

These can be embellished more if you like!  I've put the butterflys on there, but i have ideas of having pink and blue ones with the numbers 1 on them for a 1st Birthday!  These could be a little cute keepsake of your sons or daughters first birthday for you and your guests!

Obviously for the boys, I wouldn't use the butterfly I would use something else, like a aeroplane or something!

I love working on girl projects, but i'm trying to branch out for the boys too! 

Baby Diaper - Shower Invitation ideas - Boy or Girl

Now this is for something different, I've been reading blogs and I have seen these fantastic ideas to use for Baby Shower Invitations!!!!!  They are very very very cute!!!!!!!!

Now if you were having a baby shower and you don't know if its going to be a "BOY" or "GIRL" why not send out the invitations half Blue and half Pink. 

These could also be used as a congratulations card! 

These are super CUTE!!!!!!!!!

I haven't embellished these but I could add Pins on each the left and right sides to look like a real diaper!  The invitation slides inside.

I will update this post when i have INK so i can show you Invitation ideas!!!! so this will complete the project!!!

Thanks again for the support, I really appreciate it.

Also sorry I don't remember where i originally saw this idea from, so I apologise for not writting this!!!!!!

Cute gift boxes from the Cricut Cartridge Tie the Knot

Cute Gift Boxes - from the Cricut - Tie the Knot Cartridge.

Very cute box, I have used a lovely print cardstock!  Can't remember which cardstock paper pad this was from!  But very very pretty, very lovely for a gift box to give a necklace or something little!!!!!

These could be also used for favour boxes, for birthdays, christenings or baby showers too!  

I thought i would show you how these boxes open.

Another type of box from the Tie the Knot Cartridge!!!!!

Personally I prefer the gift box above!  It closes properly and you have more room to fit the gift!