Sunday, 1 July 2012


soooooooooooooo yes the introduction.  Just realised I started without this.

Hello my name is Nicole, I am addicted to Papercraft.
This has been a hobby of mine for about 2 years now.  I started when I got engaged and Sabi and I made our Engagement invitations and Name Place Cards and Envelopes.  Also a while after this,  scrapbooking.  Our family was asked to create a scrapbook page for my cousins birthday.  So I got some bits and pieces of scrapbooking items I had bought from Kmart and we all helped to put something together.  I had lots of fun doing so, so I thought this is great!  
So this is where it started.  So I started with our Engagement photos into a Scrapbook, I have still not finished this project.
I never thought much of YouTube until this moment, and now it is my best friend.  I love my channels on there, checking out the great crafters on there they all give me inspiration! :)  I have become better at my hobby.  I love my ECraft, this makes a great crafters machine and my Cuttlebug is another cute machine and my great super Epson printer (best Artisan 835) best photos i have ever seen!   I love my papers, photos, tools, and everything else, plus this all helps me to make my super cute things.
I love creating and making, scrapbooks, flowers, cards, invitations, gifts, etc..... :) Everyone is surprised at the beatiful work i create!!!!!!!! :)
Thats enough ranting and raving for now,
Bye <3