Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Scrapbooking - Mel - My Bestie so close to my heart but so far away in America

My BFF (Bestie) Mel - we have been friends for years and years well exactly all our lives, from Primary school to now and still going so yes for centuries and centuries!!!!! :) Its amazing to have a friend that knows you soooooooooo well!  We know each other like Pink and Purple! :)  I wish i could visit my bestie in America, maybe one day hopefully! coz i miss her sooooooooooooo much!
I hope she isn't reading this yet, as she will receive this in a present that should arrive soon.  These are some of the many memories of our group of besties, we would share night outs on the town, starting by going shopping during the day, to buy a new outfit, to testing make-up at Priceline or buying inglot, then having lunch.  Then going home, chilling and then having a shower and getting ready, doing our hair and make-up!!!!!!!!!!!  Then we would have dinner and start pre-dinner drinks and then from 2 vodkas to too many vodka's, going to town, then drink some more and dance till our feet were sooooooo sore we had blisters!

These pages are using the Ecraft to cut the flowers and butterfly, letters and heart images and also the picture frames.  I have used the Cuttlebug for the heart frames and then the heat embosser to make it shiny!  Mel's favourite colour is Purple and Red and mine is Pink therefore i have chosen these colours.