Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Scrapbooking - My superstar brother Ben

My brother Ben was down for a couple of days, i'm sooooooooooooo proud of him, hes 17 and he has got a soccer scholarship with the Australian Institute of Sport (AIS).  He is loving the journey!!!!!!!! I think though, It must be so hard living away from us (his family) but he is doing so well with both his soccer and his school, hes our shining star!!!!  
I was scrapping and using my memory makers Slice Machine which i purchased from my local Scrap booking Shop - Camelots Studio on Marion Road.  Love this shop!!!!!! but i spend too much money each time i visit, so i don't visit so often anymore. ;)
I was printing photos too, and this quick scrap booking page came together and I liked it so I glued it all together and now its on display in our living room.