Sunday, 2 September 2012

Purple Pillow boxes - for my bestie Mel ------ as requested

I've been busy lately, but I have been crafting, I will post some posts, so check them out!!!!!!!! 

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So i've made some Purple pillowboxes as requested from my bestie --Mel-- in America!!!!! <3 her to bits and miss her soooooooo much!!!!!!

So first of all, I would like to show you a Purple Pillowbox no 1. I cut this out of purple 12x12 cardstock.  It needs some ribbon or something to glitz it up!! But its good to give you an idea of what it looks like first and then after.  This is good to go after giving it some ribbon or tag!

This is another way i've created the same design.  This time I have cut it out twice.  Once using the purple cardstock and then Acetate or Binding Plastic sheets.  I use Binding Plastic sheets and I purchased these from my local Officeworks. Then I used the Acetate Pillow box on the outside of the purple pillow box I cut.  This creates a lovely look!!!! love, love, love it!!!!!!!!!! Super Cute!!!!!!!!

These could be used for Gift Boxes, Gift Card Holder, Treat Boxes, Christening, Birthday, or Baby Shower Favor Boxes.

Please note: special requests are welcome, if you have a colour or theme in mind. I can co-ordinate these to match!!!!!!!

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